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Are you a traveler in Syros? You can go for a walk in Hermoupolis, stroll in the streets of Ano Syros, visit museums, archaeological sites, explore the beautiful settlements of the island, relax at its beaches and gaze at the wild landscape of Apano Meria. But if you really want to live in Syros, to feel it with all your senses and to discover its secrets, then you should definitely walk around!

Walking along the footpaths of the old roads, which were mostly paved, you will see how settlements are connected to each other and especially with the capital, Hermoupolis. You can follow the paths that were the passage to approach crops, pastures and inaccessible shores. Or the paths that were serving the marble transportation from the old quarries of the island to the ports of Apano Meria the cargo ships were waiting. Routes of intense cultural interest that testify the lifestyle of another era when hiking was not a way of tourism but a demanding everyday necessity.

You can experience the change of the rural landscape where the characteristic terraces dominate, with landscapes of archaeological interest, and landscapes of nature where it is preserved unaltered, uncovering the incredible diversity of Syros.

The routes difficulty level varies from easy to difficult for the most experienced and demanding hikers.

Late in the afternoon and in the evening, you can choose relaxed walks in the alleys of Ano Syros, the streets of Hermoupolis and the impressive settlement of Posidonia. Following the pleasant hiking routes through you realize that Syros is a true lady that dazzles you with its own unique smells and aromas. Indeed a special experience!

So, if you are the type of visitor who wants to get to know Syros through the alternative, enjoyable and at the same time “healthy” way of hiking, make now your plans and chose among the 10 Routes of Cultural Interest (http://www.aegeanislands.gr/islands/paths-syros/perpatima.html) or the 2 Alternative Routes in Apano Meria (http://www.aegeanislands.gr/islands/paths-syros).

It is sure that you will see, live and walk on the secrets of Syros, at the points that are not easily revealed at the first visit but that require the visitor’s attention and his real, authentic and persistent will to experience the real picture of the place he visits.