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Syros's Turkish Delights (Loukoumia)

The Syros’s Turkish delights have their roots in Asia Minor and first appeared on the island near 1832 with the arrival of refugees from Chios and the first loukoumi (Turkish delight) that was produced by Stamatelakis. Loukoumi is a sweet made with water, starch and sugar through a very difficult and time consuming process and it is available in various flavours like rose, mastic, bergamot, rose-sugar, clementine, almond, pistachio, walnut and coconut, either plain or stuffed. What makes the local Loukoumi unique and incomparable is said to be the island’s water making Loukoumi the number one product on the island as well as an integral part of the island’s history and tradition.

Nougat Pie (Halvadopita)

The Nougat pie of Syros is the second most favorable and popular product of the island. The nougat pie is a tasteful dessert prepared from local products such as honey and sugar, glucose, vanilla, egg whites and almonds.

Local Sausage (Loukanika)

The Sausages of Syros are made with pork and have a very special flavour owed to the fennel, that’s why the sausages are also called aromatic. Syros also produces spicy sausages (pikantika) which are an equally tasty variation, characterized by the addition of garlic.


A traditional Cycladic style, pork meze, made from Sirloin that is first marinated in red wine with black pepper, allspice, cloves and cinnamon and is then hung to dry in the air.

San Michali Cheese

San Michali Cheese is a product from the homonym village of San Michali in Syros and possesses a protected designation of origin since 1996. It is one of the most expensive cheeses of domestic production and stands out for its unique spicy flavour. This is a hard yellow cheese from pasteurized cow’s milk similar to the Italian Parmesan, with light aromas of hazelnuts and nuts. It is primarily served as a table cheese or as an accompaniment to pasta.


Sweet Gruyere

Graviera is made from cow’s milk and it is part of the local production available only at certain periods throughout the year.


Spicy Kopanisti

Soft cheese, in creamy form with intense peppery flavour.

Fresh Cheese

White cheese made from fresh local milk and whey residue.


Soft cheese from local sheep’s or goat’s milk that is sold in cheese wheels. Its name derives from the process of removal of milk by exerting pressure with stone.


Capers grow on the steep cliffs of the island, in the area of Apano Meria and on stony soils. The capers of Syros have a special flavour and texture that is affected by the island’s sunlight and drought as well as the sweet sea breeze.

Fennel-Mash of fennel

The fennel is found in abundance on the island of Syros and that is why it is used in many specialties of the local cuisine, both in the form of leaves and seeds and in the form of pulp. The seeds are primarily used for sausages and the leaves for making a pie (marathopita).

Sundried Tomatoes

Local tomatoes that have withered under the Aegean Sun and preserved in jars with salt.


Dried figs with walnuts that are an ideal choice for those wishing to boost their energy replacing similar cereal bars.


The local thyme honey is pure without preservatives and stands out for its unique texture and aroma. It is used in various traditional pastries.

Crushed Olives

The crushed olives of Syros are a traditional product preserved in fennel and brine.