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Customs and traditions


On the 15th of August in the village of Kini all families decorate the exterior of their homes with fires that are lit in small tin cans while the kids are responsible for the decoration of the beach and the surrounding terraces in the same way.


According to the custom of Klidonas taking place on June 24th, all the inhabitants of Chroussa gather at an elementary school of the village, light fires and burn the wreaths that have been created on May 1st.


Celebrated in several parts of the country, the Koulouma taking place at Galissa are dedicated to the celebration of Clean Monday during which attendees participate in kite-flying contests and continue the festivities with traditional dancing, singing and local dishes.


A tradition that has been preserved for many years regarding the rearing of pigs, the chopping and assortment of meat for the celebration of Christmas. Based on the tradition every single piece from the pig must be preserved in the form of sausages, louza, glyna and pyxti so as to be used for the cold winter nights. The Choirosfagia tradition is of course accompanied by dancing, singing and local dishes.

The Carnival of Syros

The two-day Carnival of Syros is one of the most famous carnivals in Greece. Every year a big parade with floats is organized both in Ano Syros and Ermoupoli and it is accompanied by music, dancing and traditional delicacies.


The devout atmosphere combined with the  Orthodox and Catholic coexistence make Easter on the island a truly unrivaled experience with the procession of the epitaph from Orthodox followers holding spars, dice, sponges and tunics symbolizing the sufferings of Christ and the procession of the statue of Jesus after the Resurrection by the Catholics.