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What else could you ask for than being on an island of the Cyclades and feel the intense cosmopolitan air of a past era, admire the imposing neoclassical Cycladic settlements, enjoy gorgeous beaches, spend your evenings attending creative cultural events and enjoy your meals at elegant seafood restaurants having lobsters or local taverns eating anchovies!

We welcome you to Syros island! Not just an island, but much more!

When you approach at the port of the island, you get astonished by the amphitheatrically built Hermoupolis town, with its unique neoclassical mansions, its majestic churches and the beautiful Miaoulis square with the impressive Town Hall, a work of Ernst Ziller. And further beyond, the famous “Apollon” Theater which is a real miniature of Milan’s La Scala.

Seeking a more Cycladic scenery with a medieval scent, you can wander in the narrow streets of Ano Syros, on the hill of the Catholic Church of San George. Or you can take a walk at Markos Vamvakaris’ Frangosyriani and enjoy Syros’ delicacies, while Hermoupolis and the endless blue of the Aegean are spreading all around you.

Alternatively, you can go north to Apano Meria. The landscape there is wild, with steep slopes and rocks, dry-stone terraces and paths for the few inhabitants who coexist harmoniously with nature and the hikers who want to discover the other face of the island.

In the southern part of Syros, the landscape is lighter and ideal for walks in the beautiful seaside villages. You can walk through narrow alleys in the well-kept houses with the clean and full of flowers courtyards, diving into the beautiful beaches, while looking forward to indulging in the unique delicious delights offered by the local taverns by the sea.

The next day, you can rent a boat to explore and visit the inaccessible beaches of the island. There, in the heart of the summer, away from the crowds and intense rhythms, created by thousands of visitors, you can enjoy absolute tranquility on your “private” beach. Dive into its turquoise waters and then lie down under the trees, having as your company the magnificent view of the big blue of the Aegean and the sea breeze.

However, exploration does not stop here, passing through the steep beaches of the island; you can reach the caves, the well-hidden secret of the island and dive into their “virgin” waters.

Syros is an island that always hosts great artistic events such as operas, theatrical performances, musical events, summer cinema screenings as well as exhibitions of great artists. In the summer cultural program, you will definitely find events not to be missed!

What about the nights? Take a walk with a breeze of cosmopolitan style in Vaporia or Posidonia – Dellagrazia and feel like you are living in another era. Taste local dishes in chic restaurants or in humble taverns. The evening ends up with the sweet flavor of the Syros loukoumi (Turkish delight), amygdalota (almond macaroon) and halvadopita (nougat pie).

But if you want have fun all day long; you are definitely in the right place! Syros promises to lift your mood up at the ambient and romantic bars of Hermoupolis which have a magnificent view towards the Aegean Sea and the numerous night clubs in city center.

Syros is always in fashion because it is timeless. It is a mosaic so harmoniously designed that regardless of how long you live on the island, you have a feeling of inner fullness and the reason is not always so obvious!

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