The weather in Syros is:



When you think of an island, what usually comes in your mind is summer, the perfect time to enjoy the sun, the sea, the warm and beautiful evenings under a sky full of stars, having your favorite drink and delicious local flavors.

Syros is definitely all the above, but not only that; it is much more! It is one of the few tourist destinations that offer visitors a wide range of unique experiences throughout the year and especially in winter time.

Those who adore the sea landscape, the cool breeze, the bright winter sunshine, the winter walks along scenic alleys, then Syros will definitively become one of your favourite winter destinations, winning a prominent place in your book of your memories.

Syros in winter is not only the dark blue waters of the formerly calm sea or the sea waves crashing on the rocks, the countless shades of the gray sky, the sun that rises shedding its light and warming every part of the island, the rain that gives a distinct glow to the aristocratic marble square of Hermoupolis.

Syros is much more! It is the aristocratic streets of Hermoupolis, its nearly 600 neoclassical buildings, the warmth and the unique hospitality of its inhabitants. It’s the taverns of Ano Syros with the live rebetiko music. These are the taverns that fascinate you with their local gastronomic suggestions. It is definitely the lively nightlife, at Hermoupolis bars.

In winter Syros hosts unique theatrical performances, in its own Milan’s “La Scala”, the unique “Apollo” theater. Discover yourself by gazing at the amazing melancholic landscape of Ano Syros and travel to another era by walking down the aristocratic settlement of “Dellagrazia”.

Enjoy the wild beauty of the island, taking a walk in Apano Meria, a route to the most remote side of the island, in a unique landscape, where you will often feel like hanging between sky and earth! The unique diversity of Syros in winter makes it so gorgeous! The area, which is part of the NATURA network, combines morphological features that you rarely encounter in the Aegean. It gives the feeling of alpine scenery that blends very harmoniously with the Aegean Sea. In the inhabited areas you come across terraces, dry stone constructions and traditional crops, mostly vineyards.

In winter, the heart of the Aegean beats more strongly here in Syros. A place that is more than an island! Syros is a unique destination for all seasons, ready to offer you some of the best memories of your lifetime.