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The Syrοs carnival is not just another ordinary carnival that offers fun and amusement. This is not only due to the medieval setting and the surrounding sea; it’s mainly due to a unique combination of freedom of expression, spontaneity, while preserving a classy character of another era. Each year and for over a month, a unique and rich cultural program unfolds in Syros, a program that satisfies even the most demanding visitor!

The enchanting well-preserved medieval settlement – a castle dating back to the Venetian era, Ano Syros, welcomes young and older participants go on a spree in its alleys, signaling the start of the carnival on Syros. There, you have the opportunity to witness the revival of the traditional Zeibekia (masquerade) custom in Markos Vamvakaris Square, while having fun and enjoying local treats and plenty of wine until the first morning hours.

In Sunday afternoon, you can watch or join the great carnival parade with the chariots on the historic streets of Hermoupolis, which end up at Miaoulis Square, where we find the traditional gaitanaki dance. You will laugh with your heart with the inspirational groups of the parade, who put their strength and claim one of the carnival awards. Which team will be the most inspirational? What’s the most original theme? However, the satire continues with the unique theatrical play that takes place at Miaoulis Square. The night is still young, so your next stop is the well-established Latin party in the Protopapadaki pedestrian street!

Koulouma custom is celebrated in the most traditional way. In the countryside of the island colorful kites are proudly raised in the blue sky – weather permitting – music, smiles, company mood and delicious fasting appetizers keep you in the rhythm of the carnival.

And while everything shows that the three days of the carnival just come to an end, Syros seems to resist! On Tuesday, the custom of the last Sunday of the Carnival of the Catholics is revived in Ano Syros. What is included; At Markos Vamvakaris Square, Cultural Associations of the island and dancing clubs present traditional dances and songs, while offering traditional hot bean soup. Have a Nice Lent!