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Every spring our soul, just like nature, comes alive for hiking and adventure. Nature invites us to walk in it, smell it, touch it and live with it!

Syros’ nature and beauties in spring are definitely the ideal choice for wonderful excursions and unforgettably idyllic walks in the heart of the Cyclades. Wander around the nature having as your guide the fragrances of the wildflowers and the gentle rustling of the leaves on the numerous idyllic corners of the island. An intense experience and a true explosion of senses and emotions!

Syros’ natural landscape reaches its peak every spring. Indeed, Syros in spring gets so beautiful and majestic that no visitor can’t resist to its enchanting beauty.

The seaside settlements are concentrated in the southern part of the island, where the main port and Hermoupolis town are located. It is a unique destination for unforgettable idyllic walks. A spring walk in “Ano Chora” of Syros, the place of “Fragosyriani”, is a sweet wandering in memories and emotions. A real journey of the soul!

In “Apano Meria”, at the north of Syros, the landscape’s physiognomy changes drastically and becomes fiercer, with steep slopes and rocks. This location is the ideal choice for hiking next to traditional settlements of rare beauty. If you visit the island during Easter time, you will experience precious moments of devotion in the monastery of Agia Varvara, in a blooming and fragrant and sacred setting.

The beautiful hiking trails in the unique nature of Syros, among the unique traditional settlements, where every spring blooming thyme, asphodels and sages “overwhelm” the area with their smells, will take you to another dimension. Syros in spring offers experiences that you never imagined you could have in the Cyclades.

Syros offers precious experiences regardless of the season you choose to visit it. Each and every time it reveals something new in a unique and different way. In spring, however, Syros becomes unbearably attractive. It is the time when the island really invites you to visit it, to explore it, to discover it and to accompany it to its most beautiful and sacred moment; the moment when it becomes beautiful, adorned and fragrant, like a true “Lady of the Cyclades”.