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Syros beaches and water sports

The beaches of the island are some of the nicest beaches of the Cyclades meeting the tastes and preferences of all travelers. Following the coastline one can choose to swim in one of the most renowned and fully organized beaches of Syros or try out various water sports activities, relax in one of the most exotic and secluded beaches preferred by nudists or spend their day on one of the sandy beaches that are selected mainly from families with young children. Most of the beaches of Syros are located near the most picturesque settlements and the most popular attractions of Syros enabling travelers to combine a relaxing stroll with a refreshing swim in the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

On the South side of the island as seen on the map travelers can locate some of the best beaches of Syros favored by most visitors. These beaches such as Vari, Azolimnos, Foinikas, Megas Gialos and Agathopes are fully organized, easily accessible and offer excellent choices of accommodation. When heading along the western coastline towards the northern part of the island travelers can slowly make out two of the most stunning resorts of Syros on the beaches of Galissas and Kini while if heading to Apano Meria one can feel the difference at once, as the beaches of Syros in the northern part such as Grammata, Gria Spilia, Aetos, Varvarous and Lia look as if they have been enlivened from old photos. The more secluded beaches of Northern Syros are accessible either by sea or through paths.


Six beaches of Syros are awarded with the “Blue Flag” which is one of the world’s most recognised eco-labels. These are the coasts of Agathopes, Azolimnos, Vari, Galissas, Kini, Finikas, which in recent years, with the contribution and will of the Municipality, participate in the European Program “Blue Flag” and ensure this environmental award which symbolizes the cleanliness and organization of the beaches.

Within the framework of the above program, these beaches are equipped to provide facilities and services to bathers such as showers, umbrellas, pharmaceutical material, toilets, access for People with Disability (special walkways), changing rooms, information signs etc.

In addition, the coasts of Agathopes, Vari, Galissas and Kini have been characterized – as decided by the competent committee of Syros Port Authority – as bustling beaches and beyond the above services provide the bathers with lifeguard cover (in the presence of a lifeguard with a high speed craft) and wheelchairs for People with Disability for access to the sea.