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  • Our suite is designed to celebrate the Mediterranean style; the Cycladic sophisticated yet simple and elegant decoration; the light and the sea of the Aegean; and the pleasurable comforts. The suite is 20sqm and is equipped with the finest linen and top quality equipment. TOP QUALITY BED: The Queen-size bed (160cm X 200cm) is equipped with a comfort othopedic matress (cobines memory foam, microsprings, 5 comfort zones and cocolatex) that will ensure your total relaxation and a healthy sleep, regarless if you are a front, back or side sleeper. PILLOW MENU: You may select between high, medium or low pillow. Select the pillow that you fits your needs. We provide you with 3 different choices, so you can have the sleep of youl life. High: 850gr pillow with astron percalle fabric and double perimetric security stitches, filled with 100% ball silicone ball fibre hollowfill, perfect for people with allergies. Medium: 760gr pillow with 3 chambers combining softness and proper support. Filled with 100% ball fibre in the outer chambers and 100% duck feathers in the inner chamber, 100% cotton cambric casing. Low: 600gr pillow filled with 75% recycled fibers & cloth / 25% polyester hollow-fibre ball fibre, the fabric composition is 100% polyester micro fibre and the construction is quilted. Please let us know which pillow do you prefer. 100% COTTON LINEN: The sheets and pillowcases are made from luxurious hypoalergic sateen cotton. The towels provided are 100% hypoalregic 650gr cotton. CERTIFICATION: All the pillows, linen and beddings have passed the Oeko-Tex environmental and health certification. Oeko-Tex is the world’s leading health label for textiles. The label indicates that the product has been tested and validated on the basis of the requirements of the international Oeko-Tex Association. Requirements relating to the content of chemical substances that may – or are suspected to be able to – damage to the body. A GOOD SLEEP IS THE FOUNDATION OF A MEMORABLE VACATION NATURAL AMENITIES: Natural Korres™ amenities are offered in the suite. Shampoo with extracts from organically grown Dittany, Marjoram and mountain tea and shower gel with wheat proteins and organic Althea extract. EXTRA COMFORTS: We provide you with natural luffah sponges, shower cap, care package, toothbrush and a sewing set so you won’t need to buy anything. A professional hair-dryer and iron with ironing board is also provided for your comfort TV & MULTIMEDIA: We provide you with a 43″ Sony Bravia Android TV. The TV is equipped with an Internet Browser, Android Games, and a Keyboard. It is not only a Smart TV it is an Android TV where you can enjoy YouTube, NETFLIX and streaming channels like ZDF, RAI, Red Bull TV, Canal+, Kicker, Bloomberg, Wachington Post, Fox News, NBA TV, The Economist, TED, CBS Sports,Weather Channel, Haystack News (CNN, AP, MSNBC, NYTimes, BBC) and more. This way you can always check the global headlines, chech the weather, or enjoy a beautiful movie. COFFEE & TEA: For many of us, enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea is probably the best time of the day. In our suite you will find a Nespersso machine with capsules to blend your favourite espresso. If you prefer cappuccino, we also provide an Aroccino machine. For tea lovers, we offer you an electric kettle to boil your tea and a traditional Japanese cast iron tea pot to brew the perfect pot of tea. Futhermore we offer you some of the finest tea blends from international brands and some local herbs that we have hand-picked from Kini. COOKING FACILITIES: The kitchen of the suite is equipped with induction cooking facilities from Tefal, French porcelain dishes and all the cooking utensils you will need for a healthy brunch of dinner. The neighbourhood Our neibourhood is called “Elies” (it means “olive trees” in greek) and is located on the main street of Kini. The suite is on the first floor of the building, hence it has a magnificent view, is always sunny and lets the fresh air pass through. It is a quiet neibourhood with no clubs, bars, pubs or loudy taverns, so you may rest and sleep peacefully. Transportation The bus station is very close, just one minute of walking (50meters) so you will not have any problem with transportation. If you have a car or a motorbike, you can park it just outside the studio, at our private parking lot. Please let us know if you have a vehicle, or if you need help renting a bike or a car. We eill be happy to assist you. In Kini there is also a “rent a car & bike” shop, so you may rent a vehicle if you need to explore all the areas of Syros island. Lastly, you may call a taxi in order to pick you up from the studio.

Room Types

4 double rooms


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  • Air conditioning heating and cooling
  • Balcony
  • Coffee maker
  • Cooling
  • Free Parking
  • Garden
  • Hair dryer
  • Heating
  • Internet connection
  • Iron
  • Kettle
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Refrigerator
  • Shower-bathtub
  • Telephone
  • TV




    Our suite is designed to celebrate the Mediterranean style; the Cycladic sophisticated yet simple and elegant decoration; the light and the sea of the Aegean; and the pleasurable comforts. The suite is 20sqm and is equipped with the finest linen and top quality equipment. TOP QUALITY BED: The Queen-size bed (160cm X 200cm) is equipped…

    With respect to the Cycladic architecture, the Captains rooms in picturesque Kini offers genuine Cycladic apartments and rooms with lavish amenities fully covering the needs of all visitors. Just 9 km away from Ermoupoli guests can enjoy the most peaceful and relaxing vacation and organize various excursions with the help of the front desk. Open from 01/06-30/09 Year of construction: 1997, Last Renovation: 2005 Room Types 4 double 2 Apartments Contact: Responsible: Christianna Papitsi Tel.: 22810 71400 Mob. : 6936670268 e-mail reservation: [email protected] Manager e-mail : [email protected]

    200 meters from the beach of Kini, the recently refurbished Vokamvilia apartments offer all modern comforts and facilities for a dreamy stay in the beautiful island of Syros such as air conditioning, fridge, kitchen, TV and washing machine. Guests can relax in the spacious, landscaped grounds while enjoying the views of the fragrant garden. Room…

    Kini Bay is a traditional complex, just 250 metres from Agia Anna Beach, offering beautiful and fully equipped rooms, apartments and studios for a really pleasant and relaxing stay. Built amphitheatrically in Kini Bay, it offers breath-taking views to the Aegean Sea and the scarlet sunsets. Room Types 3 double 3 Studios 2 Apartments Contact:…


    The stone, the blue tones and modern décor exude the beauty of the island in all areas of this newly opened hotel in the picturesque Bay of Kini. The privileged location by the sea allows guests to relax while overlooking the endless blue and enjoy a truly relaxing stay. All rooms are fully equipped with the necessary amenities while the hotel's café-bar offers a breath of freshness to its guests throughout the day. Contact: Contact person: Mrs Anna-Maria Vidali Tel.: 22810 71570 Mob.: 6937 291427 Kini, 84100 Syros, Cyclades e-mail: [email protected]

    Agnes apartments are located in the seaside village of Kini 7 km away from Ermoupoli. A family business that has been operating since 1994 offering to its guests a comfortable and pleasant stay in three traditional rooms, two one room apartments and three apartments with two rooms. All apartments are equipped with modern amenities such as TV, air conditioning, kitchenette, private bathroom as well as laundry and also boast their own balcony and terrace for relaxing moments. Contact:  Contact Person: Agnes Printezi Tel: 2281071352, 2281071398 Mobile: 6932118308 Fax: 2281081033 E-mail:  [email protected] Website: www.agnesrooms-syros.gr

  • KINI

    The picturesque fishing village of Kini is a tourist seaside village where guests can enjoy local flavors and aromas in taverns and cafes situated along the small port. From the golden beach one can distinguish the fishermen mooring their boats but also travel by boat to one of the small beaches in the North of…


    The beautifully renovated rooms Apanemia dating back to the 1980s are set amidst a verdant landscape by the sea in the picturesque village of Kini and are an ideal choice for couples and families. All rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities and have balconies that offer views to the magnificent sunset. Contact:  Contact Person: ZOI ANTONIADI Tel: 22810 71473, 210 8223286 Mob: 6936 651 455 Fax: +30 210 9536055 E-mail:  [email protected] Website: www.syrosapanemia.gr

  • LOTO


    Delivertis rooms in picturesque Kini are situated in an idyllic location just opposite of the sunny beach and provide guests with a comfortable stay. The stone and wood details make up a truly special setting for a blissful vacation while the fully equipped rooms allow guests to enjoy their stay with all the necessary comforts. Open from 01/05-31/09 Year built: 2003, Last Renovation: 2010 Room Types 3 Rooms 3 Studio Contact: Manager: MARGARO DELIBERTI Tel.: 22810 71450-22810 80110 Fax: 22810 71450 Mob. : 693 830 5577 Manager e-mail: [email protected] www.delivertisrooms.com

    Kini beach is situated 10 km away from the island’s capital and is well organized with umbrellas and sunbeds offering bathers all comforts for a relaxing day on the beach. Its privileged elevated position enables guests to enjoy the most spectacular views of the sunset before an exquisite meal at one of the taverns of the village. From Kini, visitors can hire a boat to the secluded beaches of the island and the nearby islets. Kini can be accessed either by a private vehicle or by bus and also by private boat.  



    The aquarium in Kini enables visitors to experience the captivating world of the sea.

    The traditional rooms, Georgia, are located in a picturesque area in gorgeous Kini and offer all comforts for a relaxing and restful holiday in the beautiful island of Syros. In the heart of a lush garden, children and adults are invited to enjoy the most dreamy and unforgettable holidays but also to explore the beauties…


    Lotus beach is located on the Western part of Syros, almost next to Kini, it is sheltered from the winds and offers blue waters for endless swims, a tavern where bathers can try delicacies after bathing and a parking area for their cars. Following the road to Kini there is a sign on the left…

    The chapel of Prophet Elias Thesvitos was built in 1845 on the hill of the Episcopate, in the central part of Syros. It is a picturesque chapel of a one-aisle basilica with stunning icons and hagiographies created by N. Varveris. The chapel of Prophet Elias is a very beautiful church nestled in an idyllic landscape,…


    Episcopio or Piskopio was the first site of the metropolis of Syros and the residence of the Bishop hence its name. The first villas of sovereigns were built on the green hill episkopio and thus was considered one of the most stunning resorts of the island. Located on the road to Kini just 4,5 km…

    The Terpsihori Association was established in 1992 in order to promote the local businesses and tourist development of restaurants and other relevant businesses. Today it numbers about 300 members which organize several educational seminars and projects for the upgrading of services and infrastructure on the island so as to better serve all visitors.    

    Dolphin beach is located 11 km from the capital of the island, North from the village of Kini and it is an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the winds and enjoy their swim with all comforts available. Bathers can relax on sun loungers under the shade of an umbrella or enjoy unique specialties in the nearby taverns overlooking the enchanting landscape. One can reach the beach by following the road to Kini and then continue on the coastal road or by sea with a private boat.




    Agia Paraskevi was built in 1600 in Alithini and belongs to the shipowner Athanasio Martino. This is a private church with a dome built in Byzantine style that was reconstructed and expanded in 1873. Located in a perfect location the church offers magnificent views to the island’s harbor as well as the Cyclades. Under the church there is a smaller Temple, the temple of all Saints hosting the bones of victims from the ship that was lost in the fire of 1876. Agia Paraskevi is commemorated on July the 26th with a spectacular feast.