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The Gallery of the Cyclades has, since 1994, been housed in four of the transit warehouses on the northern pier of the port of Syros, in Ermoupoli. The warehouses were built between 1834 and 1839 from designs by the Bavarian architect Johann Erlacher, who accompanied King Otto, and were among the first buildings of Ermoupoli. A total of 14 warehouses were created, extending to more than 120 metres over two wings on the pier.

They served ships arriving at Syros to unload their cargo until the interwar years and, today, their arched doorways and handsome stonework are among the first sights of visitors when arriving by ferry.

The atmospheric spaces of the gallery host periodic art exhibitions (mainly during the summer months). There is also a small theatre that stages plays and concerts.

The impressive building next to the warehouses is the Customs Office, completing the first impressions of Syros when approached from the sea.