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The island’s gastronomy followed a journey through time, a journey of flavours and aromas from all parts of Greece; from the refugees from Chios and those from Asia minor that first introduced to the locals the Turkish delights and sweets, to the refugees from Smyrni that brought along the spices of the Orient and the Capuchin monks with the prickly pears. The specialities of the island differed quite a bit from the usual island delicacies, as they have been influenced by other cultures, thus giving every syrian dish a unique character with unique tasty combinations like pork with quinces, boiled meat with caramelized tomatoes, baked fish with herbs and raisins as well as stuffed tomatoes and peppers with pine nuts.

Many traditional recipes stand out in the island’s gastronomy such as Aetopita (a pie made with fish and vegetables), karabola (saucy snails with Sage), lachanodolma (cabbage leaves stuffed with rice) with raisins and other specialities including the meletinia cheese pies, marathopita (fennel pie), louiza (verbena) , grilled pancetta, sisyra (pork), braised fligkouni (entrails) and local Psaraki (tenderloin). Yet the journey of tastes and flavours doesn’t stop there. It goes on with delectable desserts such as pastelaries (salted figs), traditional Turkish delights and delicious nougat-pies (chalvadopites).