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If your idea of holidays in not just relaxing by the sea and swimming, then obviously diving and acquaintance with the secret submarine world of Syros is what suits you!

Without the sense of gravity your body seems to fly free, in a totally quiet and mysterious aquatic world. The enchanting shimmering of sunlight, as refracted in the crystal clear waters, gives a sense of serenity and eternity. The blue-colored scenery is enriched with the vibrant colors of underwater plants and the fish flocks. You can see shipwrecks that exhilarate your imagination and curiosity, reefs and caves that give a mysterious character to the exploration of the seabed of Syros. Astonishing underwater landscapes that offer you unforgettable experiences!

The island has three diving schools for beginners and advanced divers as well as sailing equipment, enabling everyone to travel to the enchanting world of endless blue.

For the less daring sailing around the island of Syros and Gyaros is a good option. Let your mind travel as you surrender to the tranquility, serenity and yet wild beauty of the natural landscape. Sailing rental companies operate on the island, without crew for experienced sailors who want to feel maximum freedom, with crew for less experienced sailors who want to relax and enjoy the wander to the most interesting places the locals know best.

Alternatively, for those who are not so familiar with the idea of diving or sailing, Kini Aquarium can be an alternative to getting to know the Aegean Sea world. Although it is a small aquarium, representative fish species and other marine organisms are found around the coast of Syros. You will also learn a lot of things about the relationship of Syros inhabitants with the sea over the years, i.e. how they used to live and still live by the sea, and how they used to live and still live in harmony with the sea.