The weather in Syros is:



Summer is fading away, taking the golden sunsets and the buzz of crowds with it. The refreshing breeze of September welcomes you to the port of an island that can seduce you regardless of the season and offer you the ideal conditions to create your own unique experiences. Who cares if it’s autumn? The beautiful and rustic Syros is ready to be revealed to you, as it really is!

The beaches of Syros start to calm down, but they still keep a bit of the summer warmth, and now they are almost exclusively yours. If you prefer the spectacular view towards the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands of Syros, you have to follow one of the marked trekking trails that will lead you to idyllic locations on top of its mountains from where the view is breathtaking.

The vineyards on the slopes of Syros are mature and ready to be harvested. You will be given the opportunity to taste their intoxicating juices and accompany them with delightful gastronomic temptations, which in the summer time are not so popular due to the heat.

The streets with the amazing neoclassical mansions of Hermoupolis are waiting for you to walk around, so as to capture your sight in every step, since you can now look at them more carefully and discover all their hidden aspects.

If you want to get into the magical world of animation for a while, the AnimaSyros Festival is waiting for you. Hundreds of creators meet every September at Syros’ emblematic theater, for their biggest festival of this kind in Greece and one of the 20 biggest international events. Have fun by watching some of the tributes or parallel events or simply by participating in creative workshops that are open to both young and older visitors and have fun one at parties held during this period.

At the Rebetiko Festival, you will “travel” with the unique music of Markos Vamvakaris, while having the chance to attend many parallel events, such as exhibitions, book presentations, seminars-lectures etc.

The Syros Jazz Festival is an important annual artistic event, which has already been well established. Since its early days, the festival has attracted the best representatives of the domestic and international jazz scene.

In autumn Syros turns into a sweet and kind hostess, ready to welcome you in the finest and most exclusive way. Its pulse is different but continuous and addictive. Syros’ uniqueness in autumn dazzles your eyes with beautiful colors and overwhelms your soul with unprecedented feelings.